Best Areas to Invest in Durham

System - Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Are you looking to invest in Durham, North Carolina? If you are, then now is a great time to do so!

Skilled workers from far and wide have moved into the city to take advantage of the jobs in the city. With an increase in population, housing needed to match up. Durham has seen suburbs and communities spring up to match the increasing need for housing.


The spark that ignited economic and population growth in Durham and North Carolina started in 1959, with the completion of the Research Triangle Park. Currently, the 7,000-acre development is home to the top companies in IT, healthcare, and investment.

When looking to invest in real estate, the location of your property is of paramount importance. To help you with your Durham property investment, the team at Weichert Realtors | Mark Thomas Properties Property Management has compiled this article that lists some of the best areas to invest in. 

Durham Neighborhoods to Invest In 

Whether you’re looking to invest in single-family homes, townhouses or condos, it’s important to lock down a location. Consider your target demographic and look for a location that offers amenities that complement those prospects' lifestyles.

Consider the following neighborhoods for your next property investment! 

Downtown Durham 

Thanks to its proximity to the Research Triangle Park, the neighborhood has experienced an explosion of economic growth. This growth has played and continues to play a significant role in the economy of the city. 

Most of the residents in Downtown Durham are young professionals and families who want to be close to the office. The neighborhood also has eateries fit for a fast life in the city. Another perk of living in Downtown Durham is being able to go to a Durham Bulls game, every weekend.

Carolina Arbors 

Most Carolina Arbor residents are retired and over 55 years of age. This is a great retirement community. It is located between Durham and Raliegh, the neighborhood is well planned and has plenty of amenities for its residents. All you have to do is a drive or a walk through the neighborhood and you will be convinced of its charm and comfortable atmosphere. 

Duke Park 

Young families with children looking for a place to stay always find themselves drifting towards Duke Park. Even prior to the completion of the Research Triangle, Duke Park was an already popular and established neighborhood in Durham. This is thanks to the beauty of the area is its availability of options. 

Families can choose to occupy the older homes or apartment complexes. New options in the form of townhouses and multi-units are also available. During the weekend, families can be seen spending away the day at the community park

Another reason why families love Duke Park is its proximity to the I-85. Parents can easily travel to and from work and school. Access to entertainment hotspots and shopping is also made easy. 

Brightleaf at the Park 

Compared to the other neighborhoods in this list, Brightleaf at the Park is quite young. This neighborhood is often confused with the popular neighborhood, Brightleaf Square, located in downtown Durham.

This neighborhood is located right at the border of the Raleigh-Durham line and consists of hundreds of homes. It is a new master community with a community pool, playground, and other common services. Residents also have quick and easy access to the Research Triangle Park, Downtown Durham, and Raleigh. 

Forest Hills

One of the established neighborhoods in Durham is Forest Hills. It is a quiet neighborhood located in close proximity to the city limits. The neighborhood was established in the early 1900s and as a result, many of the houses are developed on larger lots. Most of the homes have a Colonial, English, or Tudor architectural style. 

The neighborhood has expansive community grounds which residents can take full advantage of. During the warmer months, Forest Hills residents can be seen on the tennis courts and walking trails. The pool is also a popular option, across all ages. 

Bottom Line

Durham has received considerable attention from investors and homeowners. Research companies, technology firms, and startups occupy the 7,000 acres at the research park and draw in professionals on a daily basis. This has led to an increase in housing rental demand over the years.

If you’re ready to be a property owner in Durham, North Carolina, you should consider investing in the following areas: Carolina Arbors, Downtown Durham, Brightleaf at the Park, Forest Hills, and Duke Park. 

With our experience and professionalism, Weichert Realtors | Mark Thomas Properties Property Management is a highly trusted real estate investment company in the Durham area. The advice that we offer to our clients is the result of experience, research, and analysis. You can trust our team to locate and identify a property that meets your financial goals and that is guaranteed to bring you that much-awaited rental income!